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Precision Precast Building Systems

From single family residential housing to very large commercial properties, building construction technology and methods have changed very little over the past 100 years. Most significant building structures in the are constructed on-site and are based upon a custom design that is the result of the work of a project team of design professionals. About 95% of the current market is cast-in-situ construction. This antiquated model of ‘one off’ custom design and labor intensive on-site construction is under ever-increasing time, budget and liability pressures.
The cost, time, and difficulty of building a cast-in-situ concrete structure makes precast concrete an obvious choice. Well designed and executed precast concrete solutions can offer dramatic improvements in quality, speed, and economy. For aggressive building programs precast may be the only feasible solution. The biggest negatives to precast concrete are that big, heavy things are expensive to move and lift, and connection detailing and performance are critical to a precast structure’s performance. It’s easy for a precast structure to be offer faster and more economical construction than a cast-in-situ, but more of a challenge for it to offer the versatility and performance of cast-in-situ.

This is where many precast systems fall short. This document describes how 6D-BuildTech reinvents the precast concrete construction process; how the system’s unique connections and immediate stability lend to improvements in speed, safety, and performance, and how unusual precision in design and manufacturing allows 6D-BuildTech to build what conventional precast cannot.

The 6D-BuildTech Space Frame System

The patented 6D-BuildTech Space Frame System uses engineered and manufactured structural components that interlock or easily connect to form high quality, durable, and beautiful finished buildings. With the 6D-BuildTech system, rapid assembly of these structural components replaces the labour intensive build on-site approaches to deliver a finished structure faster, safer and at lower cost. In addition, this system is designed with green principles in mind to minimize the impact on the environment.
Structures built employing this system utilize highly configurable blocks that include the framework, roofs, floors, and exterior walls. Structures can be built in time frames not achievable using conventional construction methods.
The design and manufacturing of the blocks make them aesthetically appealing (symmetric angles, terraces, cantilevered porches, etc.), more durable than conventional buildings and less expensive to maintain and insure.
The 6D-BuildTech Open Frame System is the only precast system capable of building 100-story structures.

The 6D-BuildTech Wall System

The 6D-BuildTech Wall System employs a basic finger joint pattern that enables the construction of joints to connect to intersecting wall blocks at the ends or along the length of a wall panel. A pair of wall panels is immediately stable once a joining pin has been installed.
This system combines the speed of the sleeve and bolted joint construction inherent in the 6D-BuildTech Open Frame System with the redundancy and strength of a finger joint detail that is common to fine woodworking, such as furniture and cabinet construction.
The 6D-BuildTech Wall System Integrates with the LB Space Frame System.

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