About Us

Roger D. Wyatt PhD, MBA

CEO – 6D-BuildTech DMCC LLC

Asia, Middle East, Africa

Message from the CEO

The goal of 6D-BuildTech is to solve our customers building solution needs. To achieve this goal, we must tap into the creativity, passion and initiative of every 6D-BuildTech team member. Innovation is not a department; it requires involvement of every person in the organization. Our challenge is to mobilize imaginations. Dynamic organizations meet customer’s expectations before decisions are made. Decisions are simply the allocation of resources. The building construction sector of our economy has seen little innovation in the past 100 years. 6D-BuildTech is taking the lead in changing that reality. 6D-BuildTech precision concrete building systems are fundamental to bringing technology to bear in the construction sector and building a better future.

Building a better future!

Dr. Wyatt is a cofounder and CEO of 6D-BuildTech DMCC LLC developed and owns the most innovative high precision precast concrete building systems in the world. He has served as CEO with the company since its inception in 2012.
Roger has 30 years of management experience working at various levels in the international business environment. He has experience in both established and startup companies. He has held technical development and general management positions at Pittman Moore, Inc. and Bristol Meyers Squibb, Inc. where he was Director of Asia operations for 14 countries (Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Philippines, Hong Kong, Macao, Peoples Republic of China, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, India, Australia and New Zealand,) in the Pacific Rim.
He has significant experience in having led the launch of six startup companies: 6D-BuildTech Pte. Ltd. - Singapore; LadderBlock International Pte. Ltd. – Singapore; Agennix, Inc. - USA; Encarich Development, Ltd. (merged with Fernz Ltd. - NZ); Immuno Modulator Laboratories - USA (merged with Granada Corp.); Teleios Learning Centers, Inc. - USA (ongoing concern). Dr. Wyatt was a co-founder and held the position of CEO in five of these concerns.
He earned a B.S. degree from West Texas A&M University), Canyon, TX; M.S. and PhD degrees in biochemistry from Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, OK; and an MBA degree from the Stanford University, Graduate School of Business, Palo Alto, CA.

What We Do


The most basic 6D-BuildTech Space Frame System includes precast concrete frame and floor elements with two major innovations. First, the Space Frame system uses precast concrete elements with bolted connectivity similar to that employed in steel building construction. Hardened threaded rods are used to connect the elements without the use of imbed plates which have a high fatigue and failure rate. The bolts pass completely through the precast elements.


The industry does not typically buy precast concrete superstructures as a stand-alone item, normally building are purchase on a “turn-key” basis where the building is delivered on a completed basis. The precast concrete portion of building solutions are generally sold on a delivered and installed basis, so delivery and installation is usually sold with the product. So 6D-BuildTech provides delivery and installation services along with its products.
Some full-service contractor’s like to do their own in installation, so 6D-BuildTech buildings systems can also be sold on an ex-factory basis and installed by the main contractors.