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The size of the global construction market for various classes of buildings is hard to ascertain due to the lack of reliable data. However, the general consensus is that the worldwide building construction market easily exceeds $1.5 trillion annually. 6D-BuildTech is filing for patents on the 6D-BuildTech technology worldwide, to protect our international opportunities.

Some midrise buildings use precast cladding elements, but there is basically no full precast building systems being utilized. Current precast systems are not suitable for multi-story construction due to the design and inherent weakness of connections. 6D-BuildTech is introducing the only precast building system in the world suitable for constructing buildings up to 100 stories tall. 6D-BuildTech will introduce the only precast wall system in the market that will deliver villa construction with fully insulated perimeter walls, eliminate imbed plate instability, and virtually eliminate the need for shoring during construction. Building construction of the future will deliver higher quality, faster, cleaner, safer and more economically than current methods. These advantages will be delivered while using 50-70% less labor and significant cost savings.
6D-BuildTech will reinvent the way we think about building construction!

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